Interesting Facts about Kurukshetra

KurukshetraThe holy land of Kurukshetra, the one where the human civilization developed, the land witness to the actions of Gods, Rishis and other great people in the history, the land of Lord Brahma and King Kuru, the prosperous, civilized state, rich in art and culture, there are not enough words to admire, thousands of books can be written and yet can’t cover whole of the greatness of this place. Here is an attempt to summarize few important historical facts from various sources which includes facts about people, Kurukshetra history and Kurukshetra places to visit. We will keep on adding more information.


  1. Kurukshetra is described as the source of Indian civilization, culture, spirituality and Philosophy.
  2. Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe had been mentioned in the ancient history to have been performed Yagya on the land of Kurukshetra.
  3. Ved Mantras are believed to be chanted firstly in Kurukshetra.
  4. Its ancient name has been mentioned as “Brahmavedi” or “Brahmavrat” because of Lord Brahma used it as Yagya vedi (Place to perform sacred Yagya”. The chain was later followed by “Nagahad”, “Ramahad”, “Samantpanchak” and finally Kurukshetra which is related to King Kuru the ancestor of Kauravas and Pandavas.
  5. The name “Samantpanchak” has been given to this place when Mahrishi Parashuram created 5 ponds with the blood of “Kshatriyas” to revenge his father’s murder, which later have been believed to be converted to sacred ponds.
  6. King Kuru cultivated the land of previously “Samantpanchak” with the Golden Plough and hence it was named “Kurukshetra”.
  7. Kurukshetra finds its mention in Shastras, Vedas and Puranas.
  8. Kurukshetra is believed to be located in the south of ancient “Sarasvati River”. Many “Rishis” (saints) have been mentioned to be practicing austerity on the banks of River Sarasvati.
  9. Indus valley civilization remains have been discovered near Kurukshetra.
  10. Many deities have been described to perform Yagyas on the sacred land of Kurukshetra.
  11. Lord Indra is said to have killed Vritasur in the vicinity of Kurukshetra.
  12. Sund and Upsund Devils are said to have ruled here.
  13. Lord Mahatama Budha have visited Kurujanpad as mentioned in “Panini Ashtadhyayi”.
  14. Greek Scholar and traveller Megasthneez who visited Indian has described Kurukshetra to be a Sarasvati coastal state which is peaceful and developing.
  15. The Battles between the Aryans and Non Aryans took place here.
  16. The great war of Mahabharata was fought on the battlefield of Kurukshetra
  17. Lord Krishna preached the great Bhagvadgeeta during the Mahabharata war to Arjun and the whole world, a sacred Hindu scripture.
  18. The Bhagvadgeeta is believed to be the summary of all the scriptures and Indian Philosophy. It is seen as the source of enlightenment and way of life throughout the world. It has been translated to almost all the prominent languages of the world.
  19. Kurukshetra was also referred to “Geetasthali”.
  20. The exact location where Lord Krishna Preached is descried to be Jyotisar.
  21. A banyan tree called “Akshya Vat” (immortal tree) is said to be the witness of Geeta Preaching. It has been found to be 6000 years old.
  22. According to “Shastras” Kurukshetra has been described to be as a state with an area of 160 square kilometres.
  23. Four “Yakshas” namely “Tarantuk”, “Arantuk”, “Ramhad” and “Machkuk” are believed to be protecting Kurukshetra from all four sides.
  24. Taking the bath in the Holy Sarovars (Ponds) is considered supremely divine. The person to do so is said to be free from the circle of life and death and is believed to attain “Moksha” and “Swarg” (heaven).
  25. The Holy bath is considered even special during the “Solar Eclipse”. It is believed to be equivalent to the blessings of Hundred Ashwamedh Yagyas (Ritual performed by the Kings to establish Authority over the other kingdoms). In the list of visiting places in Kurukshetra, the special occasion of Solar Eclipse is continued till date and a grand fair is held by tourism Kurukshetra.
  26. According to many scriptures and records every inch of the land of Kurukshetra and even its name is considered very sacred.
  27. “Daan” (Charity) at this place is considered very important for Moksha. The fruit or blessings are believed to increase 13 folds for 13 days.
  28. Kurukshetra is believed to have seven forests namely Kamyak, Aditi, Vyas, Falki, Soorya, Madhu and Sivan.
  29. Seven sacred rivers are believed to be flowing in the vicinity of this ancient state. They are Saraswati, Drishdwati, Vaitarni, Ganga, Mandakini, Madhrswa, Kaushiki and Hiranyavati.
  30. According to historical mentions and ancient size of the state Dharmakshetra, it has seven towns: Thanesar (Sthaneshwar), Jind, Safidon, kaithal, Kalayat,Pundri and Pehova.
  31. It has been described to have four sacred “Koops” (wells): Devikoop or Shaktikoop, Chandrakoop, Vishnukoop and Rudrakoop.
  32. There are five Sarovars (ponds) in Kurukshetra: Brahamsarovar, Sannihit Sarovar, Jyotisar, Stahnusar, Kalesar.
  33. There are five holy Lord Shiva “Teerthas” (Sacred places) namely Sthaneshvar, Kaaleshvar, Dukhbhanjaeshvar, Sarveshvar and Sangameshvar.
  34. Three hundred sixty five Teerthas (holy places) have been described to be situated in the vicinity of Kurukshetra. So there is a list of never ending places to visit near Kurukshetra.
  35. Kurukshetra is one of the most importance destination for pilgrimage. Thousands of people this town and perform the holy rituals to attain the Moksha and get free from rebirth and death cycle. Thousands others come to learn about social welfare, spirituality and to discover way of life from all over the world. One can find endless Kurukshetra places to visit related to its rich history, religion, rituals, art, architecture and modern symbols.
  36. Nine of the ten Sikh Gurus have been documented in the Kurukshetra history having been visited here.
  37. Gurudwaras have been established in the memory of the Sikh Gurus and thus the place holds a great importance in Sikh faith.
  38. Maharaja Ranjit Singh has been documented to perform many Journeys to Kurukshetra. He is credited with lot of charity work and contributing to the renovation and construction of many temples.
  39. Sant Bhai Gulab Singh and Sant Santosh Singh has written many religious scriptures here.
  40. As per “Mahabharat Udyogparv” the Kaurava camp was on western side of Kurukshetra and that of Pandavas was on eastern side.