Kurukshetra War – Interesting Facts

The Kurukshetra War often known as Mahabharata was fought between family of Pandavas and Kauravas. According to Hindu Epic Mahabharata the Kurukshetra War was fought for the throne of Hastinapura. A large number of kingdoms of that time participated as allies of the rival groups. Another name given to Kurukshetra war is Dharmyudh which means “fight for justice”. The location of the war is believed to be Kurukshetra, Haryana. Mahabharata is named as Kurukshetra War because the battleground was Kurukshetra. Here are some interesting facts about Kurukshetra War:-

1) Mahabharat Writer:  Mahabharat was written by Maharishi Ved Vyas.He was Grandfather of both Kauravas and Pandavas. Maharishi Vaishampayan, one of the main disciple of Maharishi Ved Vyas was the one who spread the great story of Kurukshetra war to the mankind.
2) Draupadi – A Virgin Every Day: As suggested by some undocumented and unsupported stories, Draupadi used to become a virgin every morning, which was the result of a divine blessing from Lord Shiva to her. She would spend a night with one of the Pandavas and would become a virgin the next morning again.

3) Time of War: Mahurat (right time) of the Kurukshetra War was decided by Sehdev. He was a good astrologer. This was the reason Shakuni sent Duryodhna to Sehdev to decide the time to start the War. Sehdev was youngest of the five Pandavas.

4) Role of Lord Krishna in Kurukshetra War: Lord Krishna Decided not to fight in the war and not to pick up his weapons. However he gave two options to both sides. They were required to choose one out of Sri Krishna Himself (With a pledge not to fight) or his might army. Duryodhan chose the army and Arjun asked only for Sri Krishna which was the most important factor of the war.

Lord Krishna running-towrds Bheeshm to Kill Him During Kurukshetra War

Lord Krishna running towrds Bheeshm to Kill Him During Kurukshetra War

5) Kauravas Supporting the Pandavas: There are two incidents where some warriors fought for their enemies. Vikarna and Yuyutsu were only two brothers of Duryodhan who supported Pandavas. Vikarna fought for the Kauravas while Yuyutsu remained with the side of Pandavas. On the other hand King Shalya was the uncle of Nakul and Sahdev but he fought for the Kauravas.

6) The day of Preaching the Bhagvad Gita: When the war was about to start, Arjuna was in a dilemma on how to he could fight with his elders, brothers, friends and relatives. Then Supreme lord Sri Krishna preached him the great Bhagvad Gita, which is the greatest Hindu scripture. He inspired him by explaining the eternal relation of human and God. He told him that soul never dies, it only changes bodies and acquires different forms. Arjuna was convinced and started fighting.

7) Duration: Mahabharata war lasted for eighteen days.

Kurukshetra War - The Mahabharata

Kurukshetra War – The Mahabharata

8) Rules of War: The Kurukshetra war was a Dharmyudh, some rules were decided at the beginning of the war. These were: The war shall be stopped after the sunset. One warrior from each side shall fight against one another, One to one fight. Warrior who surrendered, would not be attacked. Unarmed Warrior shall not be attacked. People not taking part in the war shall not be attacked. Any unfair war practice was prohibited.

9) Youngest Martyr: Abhimanyu was the youngest warrior who sacrificed his life. He was trapped by Kauravas in a formation called Chakra Vyuh. Abhimanyu only knew how to enter it, which he learn in the womb of his mother. Not knowing to escape from Chakra Vyuh he fought with exemplary bravery against all the great Kaurava Warriors and finally died fighting. This was one of the first instance of Rule break, which annoyed Pandavas and they themselves killed many Kaurava warriors by breaking many rules of war.

10) Real Name of Duryodhna: Some of the historians believe and so do narrate many of the local stories, that real name of Duryodhna was Suyodhna. The fact still remains unverified.

11) Wife and Children of Duryodhna: Bhanumati is believed to be the name of the wife of Duryodhna. He had one son Laxman who was killed by Abhimanyu in the war and a daughter named Laxmana.

12) Character of Kurukshetra war who is still alive: Ashwathama the only son of Guru Dronacharya was believed to be mortal. Some people still believe that he is alive and many news of people seeing him have emerged, but they have never been verified.

13) Karan was the eldest of the Pandavas: Karan was factually the first child of Kunti with solar deity Surya, so he was the eldest of the Pandavas. Karan was born before the marriage of Kunti, so she never accepted him.

14) Successor King after the war: Parikshit, Son of Abhimanyu born after the war, became king.

15) A trip to Heaven: At the end Pandavas are said to travel towards the heaven. Draupadi and all other Pandavas except Yudhishtir are believed to be died on the way, Only Yudhishtir made it to the end. It is also believed that a dog accompanied the Pandavas on their way to heaven.

16) The ancient world war: Millions of people are believed to be died. The Kurukshetra was can be compared to the world wars in the modern era of history.

17) Road map for the modern warfare: Some of the weapons such as Agni Ban (arrow with Fire), multiple arrows resulting from one arrow were used during Mahabharata. In the modern warfare we have similar fire arms, bombs and machine guns. This is a pointer somewhere that our modern weaponry in inspired from the past.

18) Bheema’s Pledge and Draupadi’s Hair: Insult of Draupadi in front of all the warriors and court full of people, she felt broken and insulted. Bheema Stood up for her and pledged to kill Dushasna in the war. He also pledged to pluck his arm and drink the blood. Draupadi Pledged not to braid her hairs until she would wash them with the blood of Dushasna. All the Pledges were kept. Finally Dushasna was killed and Draupadi washed her hairs with his blood and braided them.

19) Death of Jaidratha:  Jaidratha was the husband of Dushala. She was the daughter of Dhritrashtra and the only sister of Kauravas. He had obtained a divine boon from Lord Shiva that he would be able to defeat Pandavas for one day Except Arjuna. Arjuna Pledged to Kill Jaidratha on one day but the Kauravas hid him. Arjuna was taken away with a pre-planned strategy. If Arjuna had not been successful to Kill Jaidratha till the sunset, he would have to kill himself by jumping into the fire. Kauravas wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of Arjuna. As the sunset approached and Jaidratha was seen nowhere, Sri Krishna Laid a trap and covered the Sun with his Sudarshna Chakra to create a virtual sunset. Jaidratha Came out and was killed by Arjuna with a special arrow called Pashupatastra. His head was carried into the lap of his father Vridhakshtra. Surprised he dropped the head to the ground and according to another boon Jaidratha possessed, Vridhakshtra’s head blasts into 100 fragments.

20) The chariot of Arjuna:  On the last day of the War, Sri Krishna asked Arjuna to get off the chariot first. It was exactly the opposite as they practiced every day. He followed the words and jumped off the chariot. As soon as Sri Krishna got off the chariot after Arjuna, It started Burning. Arjuna was completely surprised and Sri Krishna explained him that this chariot had burnt much earlier with the arrows of Bhishma and Drona. It was him who had kept it intact by his powers till the end of the Kurukshetra war.

21) Sanjay’s special eyesight: Sanjay was an official in the Kuru state, he had been awarded divine powers by Maharishi Ved Vyas by which he could see the events happening at a distance. He narrated all the incidences of the war to blind king Dhritrashtra. Some people compare his ability to see at distances to the modern day TV technology.

22) Skills of Pandvas: All the Pandavas were very intelligent and great warriors. There are some special attributes they were blessed with. Yudhishthira was a great administrator, politician, diplomat and possessed great analytical ability.  He had great knowledge about Religion, He was called Dharamputra. Bheema was an extraordinary cook. He is said to have powers equal to 70 elephants. Arjuna was a skilled dancer. Nakula possessed excellent knowledge of horse keeping and their breeding. Sahdev was a brilliant Astrologer and an effective strategic planner.  All these skills helped Pandavas to remain Hidden during the year of their Agyatwas when they needed to hide their identities.

23) Son of Bheema: Bheema had a son with Hidimba which was a Devil girl (Daitya). His name was Ghatotkacha. He possessed extreme powers and was a brave warrior. Karana possessed a special weapon awarded by Deity Indra and he kept it reserved to kill Arjuna. Sri Krishna made a plan and Ghatotkacha was called into the war, he was on the edge of annihilating the Kaurava army. Duryodhna forced Karana to use that weapon on Ghatotkacha. This way Sri Krishna saved the life of Arjuna.

24) Chakravyuh: Chakravyuh was a special war formation to trap and kill the enemies. It was an extreme level formation. It is said to have seven entry points. Special skills were needed to enter Chakravyuh, then to break it and come out safely. Only a few warriors such as Bhishma, Drona and Arjuna were able to do so.  When Abhimanyu was in the womb of his mother Subhadra, his father Arjuna was telling her about fighting a Chakravyuh. She slept halfway when Arjuna finished telling about how to enter it. Abhimanyu learnt this in the womb and proved to be an ace in the war. This also supports the research results of modern science which has proved that babies can learn many things much before their birth.

25) Eklavya the Unsung Hero: Eklavya was a tribal Bheel boy. He wanted to learn from guru Drona, but Drona refused him saying that he could only teach him if he were a prince. But he was so determined to learn archery, he used to see Drona teaching Arjuna from a hidden place and learnt everything. One day he proved his skills by filling a Dog’s mouth with arrows and still not hurting the dog. Drona wanted Arjuna to be the best Archer of the world, so he asked his right hand thumb as Guru Dakshina (Present by a disciple to his teacher after the completion of education). Many believe that Drona was unfair with Eklavya. Had he fought the Kurukshetra war, the picture would have been completely different.

26) Strongest bond between Draupadi and Bheema: Although Draupadi was married to all the five Pandavas she had a special bond with Bheema. The incidences and events suggest that he was very possessive about her too. He killed Keechak, Dushasna and Duryodhna who kept bad eye for Draupadi.